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Volunteer Recognition Scheme

If you are the Chair of a student group, an activity leader, local community volunteer, Peer Mentor, Rep, Student Trainer etc then we want to recognise and reward your fantastic contribution to the Students’ Union.

The Volunteer Recognition Scheme was designed to recognise our Student Leaders  and thank them for their dedication and commitment.  The scheme has three levels Gold, Silver and Bronze, so no matter to what degree you are involved, there is a level of recognition to reflect your commitment and of course a package of rewards too!

Students who are undertaking The Bath Award are ideally placed to apply for the Volunteer Recognition Scheme, as all of the work you do in your role(s) will count towards the award.

 Please note that your voluntary role must be linked to the SU

Applications have now closed

The Volunteer Recognition Scheme operates over three levels; Gold, Silver and Bronze. You will be asked to give a description of your voluntary activity including your role title and the amount of hours you dedicate to the role(s).  

Any student wishing to apply to the Volunteer Recognition Scheme must be undertaking their role in the 2016-17 academic year.

Applications open 1st December and close 15th January 2017. Students will be advised as to the recognition level they have received after the closing date. 

In assigning volunteers to a recognition level, the Students’ Union will use a number of factors to establish a decision. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • The role(s) being undertaken
  • The activities engaged in and the levels of responsibility
  • The amount of hours committed to undertaking the role(s)
  • The impact made in the role.

To assist your completion of the application form you might want to refer to the role profile where it is available. A number of role profiles are available through the SU Leaders web page. Please note role profiles may not be available for all positions, if you are not in possession of a role profile please contact your relevant SU staff member.

There is an expectation that you will be continually engaged in your voluntary activity throughout the academic year however one off voluntary activities will be considered.

Students engaged in sports activities are welcome to apply for the Volunteer Recognition Scheme however you cannot apply for both the Volunteer and Sport Recognition schemes in a single year. If you would like to be considered for the Sport Volunteer Recognition Scheme please visit Sport Volunteer Recognition.


To achieve gold level you need to be a clear change maker among your peers. Quite possibly undertaking more than one role you will show dedication well above that expected within the role. You will take ownership of your decisions and lead by example.   You will create opportunities for positive development for your peers in whatever activity you engage in.  

Typically, volunteers at gold level would be expected to be engaged for at least 10 hours per week

E.g. A gold level volunteer may typically be a committee member who is a proactive leader with clear management of their area of responsibility. They will make a decisive impact on their group or the wider student body, for example by being involved in the development of projects, having oversight of events , implementing new ideas or increasing membership. They might also be an individual who undertakes a range of roles across different areas of the union, but is engaged in a similar amount of leadership activity.

See case studies from students who achieved Gold


To achieve silver level you will most likely be in a senior position in an activity group or area, in a role that may be working towards facilitating activity for your peers.   In some instances, you may hold more than one role in more than one area of the SU. 

Typically, volunteers at silver level would be expected to be engaged for at least 8 hours per week.

E.g. A silver level volunteer may be a committee member who fulfils their job profile effectively, or an individual who undertakes a number of one off roles.  The activities they engage in will have a positive impact on others, for example collaborating with others to deliver successful events.  Silver students will have limited amounts of responsibility and leadership.  

See case studies from students who achieved Silver


To achieve bronze level you will most likely have either taken part in a role which only lasted a short amount of time, or hold a supporting role in one activity group. You will not have any significant amounts of responsibility and will most likely be seen as supporting other volunteers to facilitate the activity being undertaken.  

Typically, volunteers at the bronze level would be expected to be engaged for at least 3 hour per week.

E.g. A bronze level volunteer may be a student volunteering in the local community in a supportive role, collaborating with others to deliver events.  The main impact they will have is through supporting others. 

See case studies from students who achieved Bronze


  • Vouchers for meal deals and club night entry
  • Specialist training sessions hosted by external partners
  • Thank You letter signed by the SU President and Chief Executive 
  • Invitation to the VRS event 
  • Certificate of your achievement 


  • Vouchers for meal deals and club night entry
  • Training sessions 
  • Thank you letter signed by the SU President
  • Invitation to the VRS event 


  • Thank You letter
  • Invitation to the VRS event 

Please note that rewards with a monetary value are non- transferable and no cash alternatives are available.

Decisions relating to the recognition level students acheive will be made on a case by case basis by the Accreditation & Recognition Co-ordinator, the relevant SU staff member and SU Officer.  Decisions will be made in consultation with the person you nominate on the application form to confirm your participation.  In the interests of fairness a sample audit will be conducted to confirm hours stated, in a representative cross section of applications.

Appeals can be made via email to: and should be addressed to the Accreditation & Recognition Co-ordinator , clearly stating the reason(s) why you feel you should be recognised at a level other than the one you have been allocated.   

We can only accept applications during the scheme's opening period. Therefore applications that arrive after the closing date will not be accepted. Any changes in circumstances should be notified via email to: and addressed to the Accreditation & Recognition Co-ordinator, who will consider the changes in consultation with the Student Officer and support staff for the area(s) 


The Students’ Union reserves the right to alter the recognition criteria at any time and will endeavour to notify students of changes where they are made.  The Students’ Union reserves the right to remove any student from the Volunteer Recognition Programme as a result of them stepping down, being removed from, or unsatisfactory completion of their identified role(s) and to rescind any rewards provided to that individual.