Top Investment for University of Bath’s Students’ Union!!

University of Bath’s Students’ Union (Bath SU) has successfully undergone its renewal of the Investing in Volunteers (IIV) Award. Bath SU initially achieved this Award back in 2008 but the Award requires renewal every three years.

In order to achieve the Investing in Volunteers award, Bath SU had to demonstrate that it met the required standard in nine indicators measuring the way it recruits, supports and values volunteers and have the written policies and procedures in place. Read more about Bath SU's IIV Award here.

Bath SU has approximately 2000 student volunteers, these include volunteer drivers, student trainers, academic reps, club and society committee members, as well as a large proportion of students volunteering in the community.

David Howells, Bath SU President said "as an organisation we know the importance of recognising volunteers and their contributions. This award provides a benchmark against which we can measure our performance, and with its renewal we continue to identify gaps and further develop our work with the diverse range of volunteer roles within the Students’ Union”

Anna Boneham, the Volunteer Coordinator stated that "the whole process has allowed us to reassess our volunteer procedures for a variety of roles and achieving it shows our commitment to good practice and support in volunteer development"

A big thankyou goes out to everyone who was involved with the Investing in Volunteers assessment. The assessor said that the students enthusiasm and knowledge was really impressive. If you would like more information please see the  Investing in Volunteers website

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