We are your elected SU Officers and we are here to help to make your time at Bath the best it can be:

  • We work for you and are accountable to the student body
  • We are ordinary students who are elected by you to lead the SU
  • We work full-time and live on campus
  • We are responsible for the strategic direction of the Union

Ways we represent you:

  • University level - we sit on all the principal committees and ensure that the student voice has an input into the decisions made
  • Locally - we meet with representatives from the local residents’ association and local council to discuss issues that affect students
  • Nationally - as part of the National Union of Students (NUS) - we take part in campaigns on issues affecting you and future members

Lucy Woodcock - SU President

SU President

Talk to me about: Campaigns, Student Centre, Media, Transport, Communications, Bars

Find me: Level 3 of the Student Centre
Phone me: 01225 38 3073
Email me: SUpresident@bath.ac.uk

About my role

As SU President I am the figurehead of the Students’ Union, leading our strategic activity and representing you locally, to the University and Nationally. SU President is a role which is incredibly varied, exciting and challenging. I sit on many formal University and Students’ Union committees covering everything from finance to planning the University’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

I have regular meetings with senior management within the University. This includes one-to-one meetings with the Vice Chancellor and Pro-Vice Chancellors, as well as much larger committee meetings with all members of senior management.

Core aspects of my role include the communications of the Students’ Union, transport, the Student Centre, leading the Officer Team and coordinating campaigns. I also work with the SU Media Executive Committee and student media groups (bathimpact, URB and CampusTV) to ensure they are supported in their activities. I also oversee issues of finance, democracy and governance, plus I chair the Board of Trustees!

I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to drop by my office or send me an email.

About me

I’m Lucy, and I am your Students’ Union President. You will normally find me in my office on the 1 East corridor or somewhere around campus meeting students and staff. Making sure students of Bath are informed about the issues that affect them is really important to me and I will always champion the student voice.

Having graduated with a degree in International Management and Modern Languages, I spent a year as SU Education Officer and I’m delighted to now be the SU President here at Bath.

I couldn’t have wished for a better University experience and that is mainly due to my involvement with the Students’ Union. I’d absolutely recommend getting involved, there’s something for everyone and it’s a lot of fun.

My interests include musical theatre, skiing, running, baking, travelling and sampling the delights of Bath’s curry houses!

What I want to achieve this year

For me, this year is about making sure we’re working to make your student experience at the University of Bath the very best it can be.

My priorities for the next year are:

  • Enhance the training, support & recognition available for our 2000+ student leaders
  • Improve communication – so you know what the SU & University are doing for you
  • Make sure Bath is leading the way in terms of national representation. Submitting great policies and electing engaged representatives
  • Lobby the University for more investment in space, both for learning & extra-curricular activities

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Katherine Moynihan - Activities Officer

SU Activities Officer

Talk to me about: Societies, Skills Training, Joblink, Enterprise, The Bath Award

Find me: Sport and Societies Centre - Level 2 of the Student Centre
Phone me: 01225 38 3667
Email me: SUactivities@bath.ac.uk

About my role

As your Activities Officer, I am responsible for Societies, Enterprise, Joblink, Skills Training, The Bath Award and all Ethical & Environmental aspects of the Students’ Union – so basically, the fun side!

Whether you are the next Richard Branson, need to earn some extra cash, or you just want to try out a new hobby, my role works to help you achieve all of this and get involved in as much or as little as you want!

Not only does this help you make the most of your time at university, but all of these activities are also a great way to make your CV stand out. Feel free to drop by my office or send me an email if you want to chat about anything that comes under my remit, I’m always happy to hear from you.

About me

I’m Katherine, and I’m here to help you get involved in as much as possible! I have just finished my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, and I’m really excited for my year as Activities Officer here at Bath.

I’ve been heavily involved in the Students’ Union throughout my time at Bath. After being involved in my departmental society (Bath University Bioscience Society - BUBS) and Trampolining in my first year, I went on to Chair BUBS in my second year and from there I got involved in as much as I could! Some of the other things I’ve done include:

  • Departmental Representative on the Societies Executive
  • Freshers’ Week Captain
  • Council Senate and Students’ Union Representative (CSSU)
  • Treasurer for the Trampolining Club
  • Academic Rep
  • Played at some acoustic events with MusicSoc

I’ve loved everything I’ve done within the Students’ Union, and I can’t recommend getting involved enough!

What I want to achieve this year

  • Pushing for Societies to run mid-semester taster sessions
  • Enhancing Skills Training and the Student Leaders programme
  • Getting more people involved in The Bath Award
  • Transparency and progress with rehearsal space issues
  • Developing the Refresh Week framework so we can get more people involved

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Matt Humberstone - Community Officer

SU Community Officer

Talk to me about: Housing, Local Community, Diversity & Support Groups, Welfare, International students, Volunteering, Halls

Find me: Advice and Representation Centre - Level 3 of the Student Centre
Phone me: 01225 38 4223
Email me: SUcommunity@bath.ac.uk

About my role

My role involves working with lots of different areas. I am responsible for volunteering, the local community, housing and halls as well as our Diversity and Support groups, international students and student welfare. Outside of the Students’ Union, I work closely with Student Services, local residents and Bath and North East Somerset Council to represent students on these issues and aim to create changes that will benefit students.

About me

I’m Matt and I’m your SU Community Officer. This is my second year in the role and previously I graduated in Maths and Stats. I’ve been the Chair of V Team for two years, heavily involved in RAG and I volunteer with local charities including FoodCycle and as a Scout Leader. As well as volunteering as much as I can, I’ve been involved in BUGS (Guides and Scouts) and BUSMS (Musicals).

What I want to achieve this year

Mental health was one of my biggest priorities last year and I’m keen to keep up this work, seeing through the first year of the University’s new mental health action plan which I have been leading on. I’m also aiming to work with the Medical Centre to improve their services and to increase the support available to those with eating disorders.

I also want to push for a more inclusive internationalised curriculum in which everyone has a course that is relevant and accessible to them whilst also making sure that outside of lectures you have sufficient space to eat your own food.

In addition, establishing more and clearer funding opportunities, improving the resident tutor service and regularly communicating the various support services are things I’d like to achieve this year.

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Ben Davies - Education Officer

SU Education Officer

Talk to me about: Your Course, Placements, Academic Representation, Academic Appeals, Postgraduate students

Find me: Advice and Representation Centre - Level 3 of the Student Centre
Phone me: 01225 38 5064
Email me: SUeducation@bath.ac.uk

About my role

As Education Officer, I take care of anything academic-related. This includes areas such as feedback, personal tutors, placements, exam conditions, appeals and research (to name a few!). I’m also responsible for coordinating all of our Academic, Faculty and Senate Reps.

A typical day for me can vary greatly, which is something I love about this job. I could be meeting with senior University staff members to discuss policy or I could be engaging with students around campus and finding out what affects you!

You can talk to me about anything related to your course, so please feel free to drop by my office or send me an email – I’d be happy to hear from you.

About me

Hi I’m Ben and I’m your Education Officer. I’m originally from Liverpool and I have recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science; I’m delighted to now be the Education Officer here at Bath.

I’ve loved being part of the Students’ Union over the last couple of years and I would encourage all of you to get involved in any way that you can! These are some of the things I’ve been involved in:

  • Academic Representative for my course
  • Council/Senate/Student Union Representative
  • Swimming Coach
  • Freshers’ Week Captain

Some of the things I like to do outside of work include swimming, running, skiing, football, binge watching Netflix and triathlon – I completed the Bolton Ironman last year.

What I want to achieve this year

I’m absolutely buzzing for the year ahead, some of the things I want to achieve are:

  • Obtain more online versions of set textbooks
  • Create an app with the location of free rooms and computers on campus
  • Bring in animals during revision periods
  • Assignment email reminders to ensure work has been submitted correctly
  • Enhancing the Placement Hub

So it looks to be a busy year ahead but I look forward to all the challenges that it will bring and to meeting you!

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Will Galloway - Sport Officer

SU Sport Officer

Talk to me about: Competitive, Recreational, Social and Disability Sport

Find me: Sport and Societies Centre - Level 2 of the Student Centre
Phone me: 01225 38 4092
Email me: SUsport@bath.ac.uk

About my role

My role within the union is to manage and co-ordinate all of student sport at the University. Alongside the staff within the activities offices, I look after the 48 sports clubs to ensure that they are supported throughout the year. This involves the allocation of budgets, facilities and the day to day running of the clubs. It also includes supporting social and recreational sport alongside event organization so that anyone can get involved. On top of that, if you want to undertake any sporting qualifications, you can also come to me! Overall, my role is to enhance your sporting experience at Bath in whatever way possible.

About me

My name is Will, I have always been involved both competing and volunteering within sport and since coming to Bath it has become what I am all about.

While at University I have had the best time within the basketball club, both playing and coaching, as well as getting stuck in with other clubs and general sporting volunteering. Being an officer was my goal since I was involved in campaign week in my fresher year and I can’t wait to make a difference to everyone’s experience of SU Sport.

What I want to achieve this year

The experience of taking part in sport at Bath should be something that everyone can enjoy, from elite level competition to playing once in a while for fun, coaching, refereeing or volunteering; I want to ensure everyone has the chance to have an awesome time taking part.

This year is also massive opportunity for SU Sport, we have some amazing events such as Varsity, Big BUCS Wednesday and the 5oth anniversary. These have the potential to foster an even greater atmosphere of sporting pride in our student community as a whole and inspire us on to more and more successes. Taking advantage of this is high up on my list of priorities.

I’m not going to write out the rest of my manifesto here, (you can take a look at it above though if you want to read more), there are plenty of other things on the list! The most important thing to me is that I make an impact on the changes that you, the students want. In that vein my door is always open and my email available, so if you have a great idea or want me to make a change then let me know and I will see what I can do!

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Adam Kearns - Postgraduate Officer

SU Sport Officer

Talk to me about: The Postgraduate experience here at Bath

Find me: Norwood House level 4
Phone me: 01225 38 5572
Email me: SUpostgrad@bath.ac.uk

About my role

My role is the newest in the Students’ Union officer team, and as the first Postgraduate Officer I have significant scope to define the role over the next year. Broadly speaking, however, I am in place to champion anything postgraduate related, from space to PGRs who teach to participation in sports and activities.

I sit on 15 University committees ranging from Senate and Court to ethics and graduate schools. Alongside this I frequently meet with senior university figures such as the Pro-Vice-Chancellors to put forward the student voice.

My role exists so that Bath postgraduates can have the best student experience by having their voice heard and opinions represented at all levels of the university from top-level strategic planning to individual area action plans. I am also here to speak for Bath’s students regionally and nationally where the need arises.

About me

I’m Adam and I am just finishing my taught masters in MSc International Public Policy Analysis. I chose to stand for election as an SU officer because my year at Bath has been the best yet and I would love the opportunity to expand upon and improve that experience for others.

Over the past year I have been an Academic Rep, joined the University Royal Naval Unit, given a TedX talk, ran the Bath Half, written for Bath Impact, filmed an award-winning documentary and loads more. I enjoy running, scuba diving, sailing, reading and music, all of which my time at Bath has accommodated. I now look forward to defining the new role of Postgraduate Officer and hopefully leaving a strong legacy which sets the tone for future post-holders.

What I want to achieve this year

At the broadest level this year is all about improving the postgraduate student experience. Historically postgraduates have been neglected in University and Students’ Union decision making, and I aim to reverse that.

Specific strategies that I will follow include:

  • Overcoming postgraduate isolation
  • Improving postgraduate induction
  • Campaigning for extra postgraduate-specific space on campus
  • Contributing to the new Doctoral College
  • Boosting opportunities for postgraduate engagement in sports and societies
  • Reinvigorating the Postgraduate Association
  • Supporting postgraduates who teach

I also plan to work on environmental issues, promoting awareness and positive action in combatting climate change.

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