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Sports Executive Committee (Volunteer Recognition Coordinator)

Hi I'm Ella and I sit on the Sports Executive Committee as the Volunteer Recognition coordinator. If you have any questions about sport volunteering, please contact me.

Sports Volunteer Recognition Scheme

Sport Volunteers are one of the corner stones of Bath’s success across sport and recreation not only across the university but also in our community. The Volunteer Recognition Scheme is designed to recognise this and identify areas for further development of these volunteers, not only aiding their sports clubs but also personal employability on graduation.

The scheme categorises volunteers into 5 levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Foundation) depending on their level of commitment to providing sporting opportunities for other students at the university and to the local community. Any student may apply whether they are a committee member, coach, official or any other role; in our student clubs, local community or national/international programs.


Throughout the year volunteers applying to the Volunteer Recognition Scheme will need to complete the application form found on Students’ Union Sport Moodle page, this need to be submitted by 15th February 2017.

This link will take you there: Volunteer Recognition Application Page

All applications will be reviewed by the Sports Officer, Volunteer Recognition Co-ordinator and the 3: Thirty Workforce Development Officer. There are no conditions where an applicant will automatically be granted a level of recognition.

Please use the guidance notes found on moodle when completing your application. The level of award will be based solely on your application.


The number of people at each level will be limited and budget constraints at certain points may affect the recognition given.

Sports Volunteer Recognition 2016-2017

Sports Volunteer Recognition 2015-2016