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Will Galloway

SU Sport

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Students' Union Sport Elections

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The SU Sport Exec and all club committees are elected democratically in March/April every year.

Please click on the button below for 2017-18 Club Committee Elections Results.

Those clubs that emailed requesting their results to be withheld do not appear on the spreadsheet as they will announce their results at a later date.

Those positions that have 'Re-open nominations (RON)' next to them will be going to by-election. Therefore, if they are core positions in your club could the club committees, both outgoing and incoming, please work together to ensure these positions are filled in the by-election round.

Nominations for the by-election open on Friday 31st March at noon and nominations close on Monday 4th April at noon. Voting then opens on Tuesday 5th April at 17:00 and voting closes on Friday  7th April at 9am.

Finally congratulations to those individuals that have been elected!

2017/18 Sport Club Committee Election Results