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Cost of Sport

Sports Executive Committee (Treasurers)

Hi we're Jack and Adnan. We sit on the Sports Executive Committee as the Treasurers. If you have any questions about  the cost of SU sport, please contact Jack or contact Adnan

As a student, money is a massive consideration you to have throughout your degree. Unfortunately, there are various costs associated with playing sport at the University of Bath, however you’ll be glad to know we remain one of the cheapest universities in the country for doing so and what you get in return is outstanding.

SU Sport Membership - £10

This membership is only £10 and for that you get a number of SU Sport entitlements and offers advertised throughout the year, including equipment hire.

  • SU Sport Standard Membership£10.00

Club Membership - £30 (Inc. SU Sport Membership)

Joining a SU Sport's student club costs just £30 for the year, this includes the £10 SU Sport membership. Purchasing club membership will give you full access to all of the club you’ve joined activities covering insurance, facility hire, equipment etc. all year round.

Please note however that some clubs will run additional activities which may require extra payment in trip and/or match fees, although this varies from club to club; all trips are heavily subsidised by SU Sport.

BUCS Membership - £50

If you are selected to compete in BUCS competitions, then there is an additional fee of £50.

This covers:

- Entry into BUCS competition

Travel to various fixtures around the country

- Facility hire

- Insurance

- Officials

- Equipment

- A 'BUCS Athlete' performance t-shirt from the SU Sport office.

Again, all of these costs are heavily subsidised by the Students' Union, however there may be additional costs for some competitions, such as for competitor’s accommodation if an event runs over the weekend or abroad – in this case, come into the SU Sport office before you purchase as you might be eligible for funding to cover this.

Sports Pass

Since the introduction of £9000 fees for students at the University of Bath, Sports Passes have become free to all those paying above £7000 a year. So if you’re paying over this, you’ve got it for free just activate your pass in the Sports Training Village and enjoy; if you pay below, then there will be an additional cost to use the facilities.

The costs and purchase of the sports pass can be found on the TeamBath website

The Gym

At the university we have a fantastic gym welcoming all abilities; so you could have someone trying to keep fit and healthy on one side of you and have an Olympian on the other.

Gym passes are unfortunately not included into the sports pass, however are massively subsidies for students and last all year.

The costs and purchase of a gym pass can be found on the TeamBath website

Exercise Classes and Personal Training

If you want to push yourself even further and really get into shape outside of a student sports club, Team Bath also offer student discounts on their exercise classes and strength and conditioning training offers. Check out the below videos and Team Bath website for more information.


There is a scholarship scheme within the Sports Department that is sometimes able to help talented athletes who play sport at an exceptionally high level. For more information on these scholarships pages, check out the Sports Department scholarship pages.

Unfortunately, SU Sport's budget does not cover participation for national or international competitions - so selection for an English Universities side or for The World University Games does not come under our remit. There is a funding pot held by the Sports Department, provided by the University Alumni Department, which elite athletes can bid to for to help with international events. For further details please email Rachel Smith on