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We are fortunate to have our own library of gliding books that have been donated to the club over the years. Particular thanks go to Mr Tim O'Sullivan of Banbury Gliding Club for his contribution of 3 books in October 2010. Other donors include Ian Molesworth, Colin Field and Tim Sauvalle and extra donations are always welcome.

Our chair looks after the books, you can contact him if you would like to borrow a book free of charge.

Additionally, you can access a huge number of Gliding Magazine back issues (and soon a number of e-books) at this address:






  Picture   Title   Author   Description   On Loan

Gliding - From Passenger To Pilot

Steve Longland

Written by an experienced instructor, this superbly illustrated book guides you through the whole process from your first flight and pre-solo training, to cross-country and owning your own glider. This is the most modern book in the library and comes highly recommended.


The Glider Pilot's Manual

Ken Stewart

The definitive manual for anyone learning to glide. This book is well-illustrated and will guide you through virtually all aspects of your training.


Derek Piggott on Gliding

Derek Piggott

Written by Derek Piggott who is recognised as one of the best writers on gliding. An excellent book for pilots of all abilities, with chapters on every part of gliding.


Beginning Gliding (two copies)

Derek Piggott

Another Derek Piggott book. Some parts are slightly outdated but this is still a highly useful book for ab-initios.


Understanding Gliding

Derek Piggott

The sequel to Beginning Gliding, this book looks at aerodynamics, soaring and cross-country flying in much more detail.


Handbook on Soaring Flight

Derek Piggott

This book is aimed at anyone who is learning or improving their soaring skills, for use during cross-country flights or to extend flight duration in the local area.


Gliding Safety

Derek Piggott

Again written by Derek Piggott, concentrates on improving safety both in the air and on the ground.  Probably most useful to people who are a little way into their training.


The BGA Manual


Detailed book concentrating primarily on the physics and aerodynamics involved with flying.  Also includes some meteorology.


Meteorology for Glider Pilots

C. E. Wallington

Comprehensive book on the weather from a gliding point of view.  Probably best for pilots in later stages of their training or anyone with an interest in how the weather affects the sport.


The Complete Soaring Guide

Ann Welch

A comprehensive and very readable manual about all things gliding, from the UK's most famous female pilot and instructor. Very relevant to all stages of training.


New Soaring Pilot

Welch and Irving

Book concentrating on the later stages of training, with a view to completing cross country flights. Best for pilots on late pre solo training and beyond.


Gliding and Soaring

Alois Sitek & Vernon Blunt

For a taste of flying training in 1940, and the theories of gliding at the time, this is a fascinating book.


Bronze and Beyond (two copies)

John S. McCullagh

Recommended book for pilots in the late stages of training and early solo.  Interesting book for all stages of training as it includes chapters on all subjects relevant to the sport.


No Picture

Questions for Glider Pilots

Chris Robinson

Old book with questions designed to cement theoretical knowledge. Best combined with Bronze and Beyond to ensure that questions are relevant.


BGA Instructors Manual


The handbook for all gliding instructors in the UK.  Useful read for pupils as it gives details of all required training, with both theory and recommended exercises.


Sailplane and Gliding Magazine (multiple copies/issues)


Bi-monthly magazine from the British Gliding Association. Packed with flight tests, theory discussions, competition news and expedition articles, this is a very good magazine for glider pilots of all experiences. Ask if you would like to sample a copy, more info available on this website


CAA Air Charts (Northern/Southern England, 1:500,000 scale)


Annually-updated charts from the Civil Aviation Authority. Ideal for practicing for the Bronze exam or getting to know the local airspace etc. We have loads of them!



Online Video Pages

If you are interested in gliding videos, why not check out some of these online video pages?