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Kat Moynihan

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University of Bath Arab Society

What We Do

Marhaba everyone!  

This society welcomes everyone, Arabs and non-Arabs, to join us on our fun events to celebrate Arabic culture, where we hope we will present its best virtues and values!  From shisha gatherings to the Arab Society ball featuring Arabic dancing and traditional music, there is lots to do! Yallah, become a member! 

Reasons to Join Us

-  Be part of a very welcoming community of Arabs and non-Arabs, where it will be a chance to meet and socialize with lots of people from different backgrounds, especially different Arab countries!

- Enjoy various events we have planned, with exciting activities!

-  Some events are focused on helping charity, as part of Arabic culture is appreciating and supporting charity organizations, and by being a member, you are helping in supporting the society and maintaining our support to charity!


Come & Meet Us

Please join our Facebook group for updates, and feel free to contact any member of the comittee for any questions.  Also check out our website for further information.


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