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Kat Moynihan

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Japanese Society

What We Do

We are a society consisting of Japanese and non-Japanese students. Various events, both social and cultural are being planned throughout the year. Events and socials include going for sushi, origami workshops, Japanese lessons, movie nights (Ghibli etc..), Maid Cafe and more and more! Now it's time to scroll down to see who your committee members are and be sure to check out our events as we hold plenty of them (we do mean PLENTY).

Reasons to Join Us

"I love the food"; "I like that anime"; "I wish I can speak Japanese"; "I miss home"; "I want to meet different people"; "I want to be part of something"; whatever the reason, this is the society to be.  


Whether you are Japanese of not, you are all welcome!! Come join in the big family~ 


And not to forget, all members get 10% off from YenSushi as well as 3 other restaurants in the town of Bath! 

Come & Meet Us

Facebook Page:


If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We should at least be able to point you to the right person for the answers

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