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Kat Moynihan

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Bath Area Malaysian Students' Association - BAMSA

What We Do

The Bath Area Malaysian, Bruneian & Singaporean Association (BAMSA) is a student society with a majority of members from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.  We’ve got a number of fun activities planned for the 2013/2014 academic year, socials and trips included! We welcome people from all walks of life to join in the fun as we’re all about diversity!


Catering to the needs of new students, we are here to answer your questions if needed and we would also like to think of ourselves as your family away from home. So come and join us!


Check out our Facebook group and Twitter account.!

Reasons to Join Us

Our plan of action includes:

1.Encourage BAMSA members to actively participate in BAMSA’s activities.
2. Improve integration among Malaysians, Singaporeans and Bruneians as a whole.
3. To give an overview of events regarding UKEC, UKSSC and BSU to the members.
4. To act as a shelter for those who miss home.
Come & Meet Us

Will be updated via FB group :). For incoming freshers, please join 

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