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Useful Documents

Societies Constitution

The Societies Constitution governs the way in which the societies area is run and the rules by which committees should abide.

Branding Guidelines

The Students’ Union re-brand in 2012 generated a series of new logos. The Branding Guidelines govern the use of these logos by societies.

Governing Articles

The Students’ Union Governing Articles are the by-laws and regulations that supercede the Societies Constitution.

The Basics

What is Policy?

Policy sets the direction or stance of an organisation

What does this mean to me?

All activity in the Students’ Union is governed by wider policies

·    The Students Union Governing Articles includes all of the by-laws and regulations

·    The Societies Area is additionally governed by the Societies Constitution

·    Some Union-wide policies are also particularly relevant to Societies

·    Ideas to Action gives you the opportunity to propose new policy and make change

What is a VP? Or BUSU?

You may be familiar with the terms SU Officer and Bath SU. These are only student facing changes and all of the governing documents still refer to Vice President’s and BUSU. As an example, the Activities Officer is sometimes referred to as Vice President Activities & Development (VP A&D) and Bath SU is refered to as BUSU, although more recent documentation should just say Activities Officer or University of Bath Students' Union. 

This all sounds unnecessarily complicated

Policy and Constitutions can be complicated, but once you get your head around the wording they are actually pretty simple. Take some time to understand the documents here as they are the rules which you are expected to abide by as a part of the Students’ Union.

Main policies relevant to Societies

Societies Affiliation Policy

The Societies Affiliation Policy sets out the guidelines by which a society will be considered for affiliation.

Policy for Air Travel

All Societies wishing to travel by plane should refer to the Policy for Air Travel. If a viable alternative is available, then this should be considered.

Student Activity Groups Web Policy

All Societies wishing to have an external website alongside their BathStudent pages should refer to the Student Activity Groups Web Policy.

Volunteer Policy

All Society Committee members are classed as volunteers. The SU has Investing In Volunteers (IIV) status and to ensure that we support, recognise and develop all volunteers, we follow the Volunteer Policy.

Socials Policy

All Societies holding a social must abide by the Socials Policy. This is especially relevant to Freshers’ Welcome Socials.

Poster Policy

All Societies should abide by the Poster Policy outlining the rules by which the SU will aprove publicity material. And where publicity may be placed.

Equal Opportunities Policy

All Societies should ensure that their activites are inclusive and open to all in accordance with the Equal Opportunities Policy.

Other SU Policies

Find out more about other current policies in place in the Union.