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Skills Training

Become a Student Trainer

What is Skills Training?

Skills Training offers free workshops to students looking to improve their career prospects, academic skills and further their personal development. Training is delivered by PwC, local businesses, university staff and Student Trainers.

Each year we professionally recruit and intensively train a team of students to become Student Trainers. Student Trainers are trained to deliver relevant, engaging and interactive workshops to a culturally diverse audience.


Why Skills Training?

With graduate recruiters looking for more than an academic record, you need to stand out from your peers. By reflecting on the skills you need to strengthen, and undertaking a training session to develop, you are showing employers that you:

  • can identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • can reflect on your behaviours
  • can proactively change or manage yourself
  • can realistically set personal targets and goals
  • are willing to shape your own future

Use these training sessions to try new ways of working with others and understand yourself, your motivations and your qualities. These will all help you make the best impression at interviews.

Can't make a session? We have created short videos on a variety of Skills Training topics that you can watch for free!

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How To Make Your Placement A Success
Employability Skills
Thu 30 Mar
How To Make Your Placement A Success As students, you get lots of information on how to get a placement, but what happens when you actually get one!? How can you make sure your placement year is... Find out more...
How To Succeed at the UK Job Market - For International and EU Students
Employability Skills
Fri 31 Mar
How To Succeed at the UK Job Market - For International and EU Students This session is aimed at International and EU Students looking for advice on how to create a British style CV for graduate jobs, placements and part-time work.  The... Find out more...
Writing Great Content for Blogs and News Articles
Employability Skills
Mon 03 Apr
Writing Great Content for Blogs and News Articles This practical workshop delivered by the Students' Union Chief Exec, Andrew McLaughlin, is for anyone who writes occasional news, opinion pieces, blogs or other articles – and needs some... Find out more...
How To Be Inclusive
Tue 04 Apr
This session aims to give students a better understanding of what Equality & Diversity means and how to be more aware of the barriers. Also, to help Student... Find out more...
Excel: Creating Charts
IT Training
Wed 26 Apr
This self-paced workshop will help you to gain an understanding of how charts are created and presented in Excel. Charts are used to summarise data, reflecting proportions, trends, and... Find out more...
Introduction to Mind Mapping with MindGenius
IT Training
Thu 27 Apr
Introduction to Mind Mapping with MindGenius This self-paced course will introduce you to using MindGenius mind mapping software which can be used to facilitate effective personal and group brainstorming by visually representing your ideas for... Find out more...
Excel 1 - An Introduction to the commonly used features
IT Training
Wed 03 May
This self-paced course will give you an introduction to the basics of creating and managing spreadsheets with Excel. You will learn how to work with numbers, input formulae and... Find out more...
Excel: Database Techniques
IT Training
Thu 04 May
This self-paced course will help you to gain an understanding of how Excel can be used to manipulate your data to display the information in a variety of different... Find out more...
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Supported By PwC

Help us measure, protect and enhance what matter most to our clients.

You'll enjoy exceptional business exposure, build wide-ranging skills and life-long relationships, and  gain valuable professional qualifications. You'll also find out why students have voted us number one in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers survey for the last eight years.

Just bring us a 2:1 or above in any discipline, a UCAS tariff of at least 300 (or equivalent), plus the ability to build relationships, to put yourself in others' shoes and to make a positive impact on our clients. To be part of something special, visit:

Please note that while the majority of our sessions are offered free of charge, some sessions such as First Aid and IT training may be provided at a fee which will be advertised at the sign up point