There are 7 Hall Rep positions for each accommodation area, and an extra Lead Rep position for City's Private Rented Accommodation. You will work together in a team to organise a variety of exciting social events for your peers in your accommodation area, and regularly gather their feedback about living in University accommodation. Your aim is to ensure the students living in your hall area have the best year possible!

There is plenty of support available to you throughout the year from the Community Coordinator and Hall Rep Mentors. Last year 96% of students who volunteered as a Hall Rep felt the role equipped them with valuable transferable skills, and 71% went on to take up another Student Leader position in their 2nd year, so give it a go and see what you can do!

Lead Rep

As a Lead Hall Rep you will be responsible for overseeing your area’s Hall Rep committee group, chairing the meetings you have with them. You will coordinate their activities and ensure that your area’s events are run within the finance guidelines. Both you and your area’s Hall Reps will gather feedback from your hall-mates, and you will take this feedback to Accommodation staff at monthly Hall Forum meetings with the other Lead Reps. This role gives you a great variety of team-working, leadership, events management, and representation skills.

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Community Rep

The Community Hall Rep is all about creativity, culture and sustainability. In this role you will encourage your hall to get creative. This may include talent shows, going to see drama performances, running film nights – the only limit is your imagination. You’ll also be responsible for engaging your hall-mates to do their bit for the environment by encouraging green behaviour and getting involved in initiatives such as the Student Switch Off. You’ll work both with the other Hall Reps in your area and also the other Community Hall Reps, and will strive to bring home both the Creativity and Green Awards!

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Events Rep

As an Events Hall Rep you will work with the rest of your area’s Hall Reps to put together a programme of varied and exciting events throughout the year. You will also engage in and promote collaborative activities run with other departments in the Students’ Union and University, giving your fellow hall-mates the chance to kick back and enjoy themselves.

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Sports Rep

You will work both with your area’s Hall Reps and with the other Sports Hall Reps to provide casual and sociable sporting activities, so that everyone has the opportunity to get to meet new people through these and also so that your halls can bring home the Sports Award. There will also be exciting opportunities for you to get involved with the 3:Thirty Club and other SU Sports events.

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Volunteer and Fundraising Rep

The Volunteering and Fundraising Hall Rep organises both charity fundraising and community volunteering opportunities. You’ll have opportunities to work with RAG and V Team and encourage the rest of your hall to do so too, encouraging everyone to have a really positive impact, as well as winning the coveted Fundraising and Volunteering Award.

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Open Rep x 2

The Open Hall Rep can do pretty much anything, they might help all the other committee members with their areas, or they might take the lead on specific initiatives, or even a bit both; it all depends on what you're most interested in! There are two Open Reps on each halls committee and an extra two positions available specifically for Clevelands, who will be part of the City halls committee group.

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Hall Rep Mentor

Hall Rep Mentors are usually second year students who have previously held a Hall Rep role. Hall Rep Mentors are responsible for working closely with Hall Reps to provide a level of peer support by sharing good practice, and guide them to make the very most of their year in the role. Hall Rep Mentors will also help with the elections process of the Hall Reps at the start of the academic year.

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