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Resources for Reps

Academic Representatives (commonly shortened to Academic Reps) are the vital link between the Student Body, and the Student's Union. Without Academic Reps, the Student's Union would not be aware of any problems, issues or examples of good practice across the university. Find out more about how the Representation System works.

The Students' Union endeavours to provide Academic Reps with the support they need to fulfil their role. Information about your University meetings, Students' Union events, Training and various reports can all be found here, but for anything you can't find, email

Briefing Papers

Feedback Form

If you have changed something either in your SSLC or in your role as a Rep, we want to know! You can now submit any changes that you have created via our brand new Change Report Form. The purpose of this is so that we know what you are doing, in order to communicate out the importance of Reps. Tell us now:



All Academic Reps upon election will be added to an Academic Rep Moodle course which contains useful information and guidance on being an Academic Rep.  Once you have completed the quiz at the end of the Moodle you will be able to get your Academic Rep hoodie!

The training module will cover topics such as:

  • Gathering student opinion
  • How your Student/Staff Liaison Committee works
  • Key skills to develop
  • University codes of practice and regulations
  • Students' Union Top Ten
  • Key dates and activities for reps throughout the year
  • Providing good feedback in committees

Throughout the year discussion topics, forums and e-tivity opportunities will be available for Academic Reps to discuss key issues.  Briefing papers and reports will also be uploaded to ensure that Academic Reps are up to date with current news and issues affecting learning and teaching.

The Students' Union also organises an Academic Reps' Conference which in 2016/17 will be held on Saturday 5th November, more information about how to register and what workshops will be available will be sent to Academic Reps.  This event is a great opportunity to meet other Academic Reps and attend workshops to help you be the best rep that you can be.  Workshops are delivered by a mix of SU staff and Officers, University staff, National Union of Students staff and Officers and Higher Education professionals.

If you have any issues, or cannot access the training please email us at


General Information

SSLCs are departmental meetings made up of student Academic (SSLC/Course) representatives and members of staff.  These meetings are an ideal way of bringing about changes and improvements to your department and degree programme.

If you want to be able to sit on your department's SSLC you will need to stand for election as an Academic Rep for your department in weeks 1 and 2.  More information on this is made available at this time.

What kind of issues are likely to be discussed at SSLC meetings?

SSLC meetings provide a forum for students who are elected as Academic Reps to discuss Department related issues with members of Staff. All course changes are discussed at these committees, along with survey results and ideas for enhancing teaching and learning environment/

How are these issues resolved?

Departments and Academic Reps have the responsibility of taking up actions on an issue and reporting back to the students. It is important that a positive atmosphere exists in SSLC meetings where a constructive criticism approach is retained. If an issue is not resolved at a Departmental SSLC meeting, the issue will be carried through to the relevant University committees to try to get the issue resolved.

If you have changed something either in your SSLC or in your role as a Rep, we want to know! You can now submit any changes that you have created via our brand new Change Report Form. The purpose of this is so that we know what changes you are making as RepsTell us now:

How many Academic Reps are involved in SSLCs?

There is at least the same number of Reps as there are members of staff on the SSLC. Reps who are elected in October serve for the whole academic year.

How are SSLCs run and when are they?

SSLC meetings are held at least four times per academic year. Reps will receive agendas for the meetings in advance in order for them to be able to obtain student feedback on the issues being discussed.  To get SSLC dates, please contact your department.

The SSLC Annual Report

The SSLC Annual Report overview is a paper that looks at individual SSLC Annual Reports, draws out any trends in issues, and then gives recommendations to the University on how to address these. A large number of these recommendations are passed back to individual academic departments and their SSLCs, so it is highly recommended that reps look at this report.

SSLC Annual Reports (and overview) 13/14

Code of practice for SSLC Representation

To view the SSLC Code of practice, see QA 48: Student Engagement with Quality Assurance and Enhancement and Annex 1: Staff / Student Liaison Committees.

Papers & Reports

The Students' Union attends around 90 University Committees and working groups to represent student opinion in all aspects of the Student Experience. Whilst much of the activity at these meetings involves discussing and debating papers, reports and topical activity, the Students' Union also submits a variety of papers itself.

Whilst every effort is made to share all papers submitted by the Students' Union, as some contain information that is deemed as 'sensitive' to those committees, full data or reports may not be available. 

Reports from the Education Officer

The Education Officer produces a report for each Academic Council to inform Academic Reps of the work they are doing.

December 2014

November 2014

October 2014

July 2014

April 2014

March 2014

ULTQC Reports 

SSLC Annual Report Overview 2014/15
PGR SSLC Annual Report Overview 2014/15
SSLC Annual Report overview 2013/14
PGR SSLC Annual Report Overview 2013/14
January Exam Contingency 2013/14 (Word)
January Exam Contingency 2013/14 (PDF)
The Future's Bright, The Future's Feedback!
Anonymous Marking

CSSU Papers 

Postgraduate Induction and Integration

Online Submission of Assessment 

Recording of Lectures

Quality Of Teaching

Personalised Timetables

Quality of Teaching

Group Work
Personal Tutors
Personal Tutors with agreed recommendations
Anonymous Marking
Cash Machines
Disabled Access



SSLC Departmental Responses 2013/14

SSLC Action Plan
SSLC Department Responses (Summary)

Engineering & Design:

Chem Eng
Elec Eng
Mech Eng

Humanities & Social Sciences:



Biology and Biochemistry
Mathematical Science
Pharmacy and Pharmacology School of Management


NUS Course Reps Conference Reports 2015

Agenda 2015 

Peter Marin

Jenny Munden


Dates for your diary

Academic Council (for Academic and Faculty Reps)
Academic Exec (for Faculty and Senate Reps)
An Update From Your Academic Rep (Template)

National Student Survey