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To find out more about Students’ Union activities, who your Academic Reps and Peer Mentors are and details about your departmental society, please select your department from the list in the side bar.

Representation in your department

Academic Representatives:

At the start of the academic year, the Students' Union holds online elections for Academic Representatives in all departments on behalf of the University. Academic Representatives (Reps) meet with key contacts within your department via Student-Staff Liaison Committee meetings (SSLCs). In these meetings, any problems or issues, how your department can improve, good practice and ideas for the future are discussed.

Academic Reps also attend meetings of Academic Council to discuss current academic issues with all Academic Representatives, to look at how the University as a whole can improve different aspects of the academic experience. To find out more about being an Academic Rep and Academic Council, click on the links below.

Find out more about Academic Reps

Find out more about Academic Council

Details of your Academic Representative, including what they have been doing for you, can be found by clicking on your department in the list in the left side bar.

Departmental LTQC Representatives:

In addition to Academic Reps for each course, there are also Reps for each department. Their role is to represent the interests of students at Departmental Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee meetings (DLTQCs). Academic issues such as new units, new programmes and minor changes to courses are discussed here. 

Find out more about Departmental LTQC Reps 

Faculty Representatives:

Students in each of the Faculties (Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering and Design) and the School of Management, elect four students to represent all students at Faculty level. Faculty Representatives attend Faculty Meetings with your Students' Union Officers  to discuss academic issues.

The Faculty Representatives also sit on the Students' Union Academic Executive Committee, which oversees the work of the Students' Union Education activity, policies and the Academic Representation system, and additionally advises the University on student opinion of academic matters.  Find out about Faculty Representatives.

Departmental Societies:

Most Academic Departments have a Departmental Society, which enables students to get to know other students on their programme, run events and activities, provide support and generally have fun!