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Faculty Representatives

Faculty Representatives

What are Faculty Representatives?

  • Faculty Representatives are elected by students from within the Faculty/School to gather the wider views of the student population through liaising with Academic Representatives.  
  • Faculty Reps run academic campaigns on issues important to you!
  • Faculty Representatives are also members of a number of Faculty/School level committees as student members to provide the student voice at a Faculty level.  These committees include, Faculty/School Boards of Studies, Faculty/School Learning, Teaching and Quality Committees, Faculty/School Research Students’ Committees and Faculty Graduate School Committees.  Find out more about Faculty/School level committees.  


How can I become a Faculty Representative?

Any student interested in being a Faculty Representative will need to enter into the online election process.  For undergraduate students, the elections run in the spring.  Postgraduate Faculty Representative elections run in the autumn.  This is to ensure that student representation on Faculty/School level committees can take place all the way through the year, as some committees meet in the first couple of weeks.  

Any student may stand to be a Faculty Representative.  Each Faculty (and the School of Management) has four electable positions for Faculty Representatives, two for undergraduate students, one for postgraduate taught students and one for postgraduate research students.

Download role descriptions here for more information about what the role involves:

Undergraduate Faculty Representative role description

Postgraduate Faculty Representative PG Faculty rep role description

For more information please contact the Education Officer or the Representation team

Click here to see which elections are currently running.



Who are your UG Faculty Representatives for 2016/17?


Faculty of Engineering and Design:

Undergraduate Faculty Rep: Salwa Alnoor (sa890)

Undergraduate Faculty Rep: Nicky Morris (njm35)

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep: Max Hutachinda (ph508)

Postgraduate Research Faculty Rep: Carl Tholin-Chittenden (ctc23)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences:

Undergraduate Faculty Rep: Zhao Dong (zd278)

Undergraduate Faculty Rep: Mihaela Duta (md713)

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep: Liam Emery (le321)

Postgraduate Research Faculty Rep: Richard Hatfield (rsh37)

Faculty of Science:

Undergraduate Faculty Rep: Dominic Jones (dwljl20)

Undergraduate Faculty Rep: Henry Jackson (hjj27)

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep: Position currently unfilled

Postgraduate Research Faculty Rep: Aoibheann Brady (ab2497)

School of Management:

Undergraduate Faculty Rep: Jack Kitchen (jk554)

Undergraduate Faculty Rep: Romi Lévy (rl516)

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep: Ines Righi (ir267)

Postgraduate Research Faculty Rep: Position currently unfilled

Senate Representative 

Charlotte Russell (cr424)