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Ben Davies

SU Education

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Departmental Reps

What are Departmental Representatives?

  • Departmental Reps are elected by Academic Reps in their department to gather the wider views of the student population through liaising with Academic Reps.
  • Departmental Reps attend Department Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee meetings (DLTQCs). In these meetings, unit changes, new programmes and academic policies are discussed. 
  • Departmental Reps attend briefings and debriefing sessions organised by the Students' Union, in order to close the feedback loop. 
  • This role is a new one, and so the opportunities are endless- you can tailor being a Rep so that it works for you; academic campaigns, new ideas and working with other Departmental Reps are always welcomed!

How do I become a Departmental Rep?

  • There are 2 Reps per department, one Undergraduate student and one Postgraduate student, and they are elected at the first SSLC of Semester 1. 
  • Once you become a Departmental Rep, you will be able to access an online training unit designed by the Students' Union.
  • Departmental Reps are supported by the Departmental Representation Co-ordinator, and you can book in an introductory meeting as soon as you are elected.

What are some top tips?

  • Communication is key in order for you to represent the interests of students in your department effectively.
  • A strong social media presence will help you. There are already a number of Facebook groups for Reps which you can join, so find your Faculty/School page and start posting! Online polls and targeted emails to gain feedback from students can be useful.
  • Have fun with it! The opportunity to represent your peers at department level is both rare and exciting, so make it count.
For more information about anything on this page, please email the Representation team.