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Why do students become Academic Reps?

We have a wide range of students who nominate themselves to be an Academic Rep, some because they want to develop a particular skill and others may have been a rep at their school or college and be interested in continuing this type of role.  Click here for some quotes from Academic Reps about the reasons why they like being an Academic Rep.

How do I become an Academic Rep?

You will need to nominate yourself by logging onto during Week 1 of semester 1.  Voting takes place in Week 2.  Find out more about standing in an election, writing a manifesto (statement explaining why you want to be an Academic Rep)  and campaigning by clicking here.

What do Academic Reps do?

Reps ensure that student concerns, views and opinions are heard and acted upon by the University and the Students' Union. By consulting students about their teaching and learning experience and taking these views to the University, Reps ensure that good things get emulated in other courses/departments/schools and the bad things get changed. This means that Reps:

  • Find out if students in their department have any concerns or issues relating to their course or student experience at Bath
  • Relay these issues to the University’s academic departments, senior management, and Students’ Union and make suggestions for change;
  • Relay the outcome of any meetings with the University or Students Union back to the students they represent.

By doing this, Reps play a key part in reviewing and improving the student experience at Bath.

What's the difference between an Academic Rep and a Faculty Rep?

Academic Reps are elected by their peers to represent them at a programme level. Faculty Reps are elected to represent all students studying within the Faculty/School.  Academic Reps will be members of programme/department Staff Student Liaison Committees and Faculty Reps are members of a number of Faculty/School level committees such as Boards of Studies and Faculty/School Learning, Teaching & Quality Committees.  Faculty Reps also sit on the Students' Union's Academic Exec and support the Education Officer with education campaigns and activity.

What time commitment is involved in being a Rep?

All of our role descriptions have a breakdown of the time commitment involved in being an Academic Rep or Faculty Rep. Role descriptions can be found at the bottom of this page.

What support will I get as an Academic Rep?

Training: Training is provided to all Reps via the Moodle online training course which you will be added to once elected into post.  There are also additional training sessions run as appropriate, and Reps can request additional training if they feel this is required.  All Academic Reps will have the chance to  attend the Academic Reps Conference run by the Representation Team which will include a variety of sessions to help develop your skills as an Academic Rep.  

Department/Faculty Support: There are staff members within each School and Department who are able to assist reps with department/faculty specific queries. Please look on Person Finder to find yours.

Ongoing support from the Representation Team: The Representation Team are based in the Advice and Representation Centre which is located on the upper level of the Student Centre and is open during term time 9-5 Monday-Thursday, 10-5 Friday and during vacation time 10-4 Monday-Friday (closed on days when the University is closed e.g. bank holidays). Drop-in sessions will run throughout the year with the Education Officer and a member of the Representation team. These will allow Reps to ask questions and raise issues that they may have, which they may not feel comfortable asking in front of others.  

Education website: All Reps are encouraged to use this website. The site provides reps with ongoing support and lots of guidance materials, resources as well as links to committee papers and minutes of meetings.

Role descriptions

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