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Academic Representation

The University of Bath's Students' Union has a well developed academic representation system.  The  Representation Team in the Students' Union work hard to support and improve your academic experience, and to ensure the student voice is heard both on an individual and collective level.

The Representation Team based in the Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) co-ordinate the Academic Representation system, where students are elected by their fellow course-mates to represent their views on academic issues.  The team also liaises with the University on the issues you raise, to ensure you are getting the best out of your education here at Bath. 

Find out  more about being an Academic Rep

Faculty Reps

Faculty Representatives are elected by students in their Faculty/School to represent student opinion on academic issues at a Faculty level.  Find out more about Faculty Reps!

Senate Reps

Senate Representatives are elected by students to represent student opinon on academic issues at Senate, the senior University committee.  Find our more about Senate Reps!