Gender Equality


About Us

We are a friendly and inclusive group of people, joined in our interest and passion for fighting gender inequality! As a Diversity and Support group within the Student's Union, we are here to represent you in any issues of gender inequality you experience whilst at University.

So, if you'd like to have a chat, feel free to drop us a message on Facebook, or come along to one of our meetings/events! 

What do we do?

As a group, we aim to raise awareness and promote gender equality both on campus and in the wider world. We associate ourselves with movements such as feminism, transgender and non-binary recognition, and the deconstruction of gender roles. Through events, activism, socials, workshops and talks, we hope to be the most active and open Gender Equality group yet

This year, we will take a special focus on Intersectional feminism, with a Women's March planned in celebration of International Women's Day. We will also hold specific events, for instance for the American elections taking place on the 8th of November, or the annual Women in Leadership conference taking place in February. 

We launched a new platform named WeWoMen, where anyone can talk openly about gender equality issues that are still too often kept quiet. On the blog, you can read about what feminism can be in its most positive definition, and share your struggles and experiences as men, women and other non-binary genders in a patriarchal society, without passing judgement.

Committee 2016-17: 

Chair: Julie Marangé

Treasurer: Kai Page 

Campaign Officers: Lowri Davies & Alexandra Iciek 

Join Us

Members of this group can be as little or as involved as they like - our goal is to create a safe environment where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, so we won't pressure you to do or say anything you don't want to. Some members may attend every meeting, some may only participate online, whist others may help promote or run a campaign of importance to them - it's up to you!

Membership is free, so join on Bath Student at the bottom of this page! 

We also have a lively and active Facebook Group where we regularly share and discuss articles in the media related to gender equality. Join now by following this link,, or by typing 'University of Bath Gender Equality Group' into the searchbar on your Facebook homepage. 

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your views!


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