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Matt Humberstone

SU Community

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Diversity and Support Exec

The Diversity and Support Exec is responsible for supporting and coordinating the eight student groups as well as working on a variety of representational issues.  The committee includes a rep from each group, the Community Officer and three positions elected from all students, elections for which will appear below.

The elected positions are Chair, Treasurer and Publicity Officer.


When elections are running you can find them on our Elections page.

Current Committee Members

Current Diversity and Support Exec Committee 2016/17:

Chair: Isabel Green

Treasurer: Jack Kitchen

Publicity Officer: Lester Buxton

Erasmus & Exchange: Isla Jardine

Enable: Rosie Thomas

Gender Equality: Julie Marange

LGBT+: Joanna Phillips & Conor Gent

Mature Students: 

Nightline: Jhon Bateman

Race Equality: Emmanuel Adama

Student Minds:


NUS Disabled Conference Delegate:

NUS Black Conference Delegate: 

NUS Women Conference Delegate:

NUS Mature Conference Delegate:

Equality and Diversity Committee Reps: