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Peer Support

What is Peer Support?

  • Peer Support is all about students supporting other students.
  • Schemes are student led and are run within particular courses and departments.
  • The Students' Union provides support for departments where schemes are in place, which includes recruiting and training volunteers.

Peer Support schemes

There are four main peer support schemes at the University of Bath.

Peer Mentoring

PGR Mentoring

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)


First year students will be given a Peer Mentor when they join the University. Peer Mentors are there to share their own experiences of their first year and to help with any concerns or worries that may arise. Support is generally available from the start of the year until the end. This is a new area of peer support and primarily focuses on postgraduate research students supporting other postgraduate research students. On some courses you may find a PAL session on your timetable. PAL is a study group which is run by trained older students. PAL helps students to go over lecture material and is an opportunity to work with other students on your course. On some courses we even use PAL to support your placement year. MASH Cafe is a joint programme with the university maths resource service. MASH Cafe allows students to explore Maths in a fun and interactive way through playing stratgey games. All are welcome.

Find out more/get involved


As a student at the University of Bath you can benefit from peer support - you may have a Peer Mentor, you may become a PAL Leader or you may even attend MASH Cafe. Whether you want to find out what is available or whether you would like to volunteer for us, there is something for everyone.