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21 student groups successfully achieve Inclusivity Award

21 student groups have successfully achieved the Inclusivity Award this year. The Inclusivity

Summer Ball East Car Park - Part Closure

A section of the East Car Park will be closed off from 6pm on Friday 27 May due to the Summer Ball 2016.

A celebration of our student Volunteers

Students from the University of Bath are celebrating having raised more than £65,000 for local, national and in

MMR vaccination call

Following recent measles cases in university students

SU Community Officer censured by SU Review Panel

At a recent meeting the SU Review Panel recently voted to censure the Community Officer Matt Humbersto

SU President & Education officer commended by SU Review Panel

Congratulations to Jordan and Lucy after a really successful year!

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Elemental Training
5th May 6pm - 9pm
1W 2.102
BREAK Training
5th May 8:30pm - 11pm
SU - (Student's Union)
BUNCS Weeklies #7.5 Overwatch
6th May 7:30pm - 9:13pm
BUNCS Discord
With the Overwatch beta open for some of next week, you get 2 weekly gaming events in 1 week! Overwatch is the Blizzard's new FPS, releasing 24th May. Download it from the client on Thursday and Friday to play. Meet on BUNCS discord.
BREAK Elemental Training
7th May 4pm - 10pm
Dance Studio
BREAK Elemental Training
8th May 4pm - 6pm
Weston Studio
BREAK Training
9th May 7pm - 10pm
SU - (Student's Union)
Elemental Training
10th May 8pm - 10pm
1W 3.103
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Summer internships; final years only

Don't forget to see all the 3 month summer internships we're promoting

Volunteering Opportunities

Looking for a volunteering opportunity then check out our Volunteering Opportunities Database. There are lots of fun and exciting ways to get involved either with RAG or V Team. What are you waiting for?

Guide Dogs Puppy Room

Relieve some exam stress and either be trained as a Guide to help out on the day or by spending 15 minutes in the Puppy Room (donation of £2)

Check out the latest video from Ctv
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